First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


This is my very first post. I started this post to tell the world and its inhabitants that ..

well,to be frank,Life’s a struggle.A trek onto a mountain peak and down again.Hard,but if you are determined,you get to enjoy the views along the way too.

You experience,you learn.Simple.

Truly,teenage years are the most peculiar,confusing,memorable-the lot.Me,still a 14 somewhat teen knows it and is trying to display the things I’ve felt,seen and done.14 years is a lot.



Anne wormed and snaked her way through the crowd of friends and boys and various gangs.Then about to enter Elina ‘s class ,she halted abruptly.

He was there,standing,deep in conversation, with his group.  a thing Anne had forgotten when she last did.Realizing this was too much of staring,she resumed being oblivious to his presence and entered the class.The walls. were plastered with school posters and hid the cream color of the room.The concrete floor was littered with duffel bags,bag packs,,satchels of all kinds.

Elina wasn’t there.Dissapointed,Anne thought,”probably overslept that hibernating bear…”.

Just then a cheerful voice called behind her-“Hey!”. Anne  turned to see her old friend Elina ,standing there grinning from ear to ear. “Aah…” said Anne.”Howdy Eli??”

“Nothing special.” she replied.

“Anyways,I have just the job for you. Finish of this magnificent apple cause’ I haven’t a cubic cm of space in my stomach to take it in. ”

“Oh..Anne”-said Elina groaning.

Anne shot her an appeasing smile. “Come on! no harm will come of it,it’s just an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, she said.

But Elina was no longer looking at her,she was looking behind.

“Hey El..”said Anne crossly.Elina’s face twisted into a broad maniac Cheshire cat grin.

Look’s who’s there.A flood of nostalgic memories.Anne didn’t have to turn.His voice,deep and cheerful,his butterflies in her stomach.It was him.Steven Smith.

a sharp jab at the ribs brought her back to earth.”Anne Smith ‘s here” whispered Elina in a teasing tone.

Oh,if only that would have been reality.But it wasn’t.The painful truth.I’m Anne Marvin said Anne emphasizing the name.

Chapter -2

Recess in Denver Public School was like Ragnarok-the apocalypse.Mayhem ensued.Students flitted in and out of the class,eager to meet their pals and buddies.

The corridors were packed and jabs and falls were common.Destruction of  the clean  washrooms ensued.A potpourri of phrases from everyone’s mouths mixed into a buzz.

Anne’s stomach grumbled.and so did she.The thought of eating no longer inspired her.Mom and Lucy,her sister had gone to visit her sick Granny with a broken ankle.

And however fantastic a chef was Mum,Anne’s father wasn’t.Henceforth came simple foods like apples and oranges for recess and chicken broth with very little flavor foe dinner.

Today’s menu was apples.The look of apples annoyed her.She set off to find a partner in  polishing-no scrubbing off those beastly apples.

Striding along to Martha,she asked-“Hey,wanna eat some apple?”

“Nah..got a huge burger to eat first.”

No luck,Anne thought.Next stop Elina,her friend in the adjacent class.She stepped out into the corridor thinking that for the 3 floors of her school,the ground floor for toddlers was just a closed vessel with a mixture of gases at high temperature.

Her floor was a nuclear fusion-Guys’n gals made p ,broke up,betrayed and all the drama.Fusion and Fission,a chain reaction.It could have been a chemical reaction as well-Guys broke up and dated some other gals.Just re-arrangement of atoms or teens.



Anne just loved chemistry.How,she didn’t know,but she just..well loved it.Last year chemistry was still great,save for her Teacher,Miss Natalia.

Now,she wasn’t anything like the black widow of The Avengers-not charming or likeable.She was more fitting to be called a Black venomous Spitting cobra.The most noxious chemistry teacher she had ever encountered.Super Cranky,Super short tempered.  With jutting out incisors on the upper jaw,wrinkled skin and horrible lipstick.

At least everyone in the class had suffered in her wrath once.Never mind,the past was the past.

Now she had sweet lovely chatty Mrs Amanda.-Slim,but middle aged,with a little dimple and springy hair which she tied.

Having decided to look sharp for a bit,she stared at Mr.James and nodded in feigned understanding. Then attention faltering she surveyed the class.Backbenchers were talking loudly,studious first benchers were upright in rapt attention,and dozen were sleeping.Her friend Martha was furiously writing whatever sir said,into the notes.

The bell ran in its shrill notes,providing relief.Mr.James left with his quote-“we’ll continue in the next class”. He left,the class groaned,sighed,yawned and woke up from its dormancy.

After all,it was recess.

Chapter 1

“Twisted pair of wires are better because they…?” droned on Mr.James.can anyone tell me advantages ?,he said with a little smirk playing on his lower lip,his fingers twiddling with his red and gold tie ,a harsh accessory on his drab grey shirt.

Anne looked around the class.Everything she saw was tilted at an angle.Lying on he elbow with a ball pan in her hand,she yawned.Quite loudly,she thought,from the sound of it.Then,straightening up out of compulsion of neck ache,she gazed out of the big window with black hexagonal grill onto the football field where some kids-probably juniors were playing.Then there was the dense forest beyond.It was spring -or nearly summer and all the trees wee sparkling myriad shades of green in the bright sun.There was the old oak tree,since the foundation of the school..there was an oak..

A gentle breeze floated in ,refreshing her.A quick glance at Mr.James and her watch told her it would be a loong wait..

Sigh.Pity they didn’t have nature walks or excursions with such great and cheerful weather.The blue sky looked picturesque with fluffy clouds,showing for a good day.

But that was not so.Now it was Computer,next was History and Algebra-all dreaded subjects.Then she brightened up-last was Chemistry .